We use FSC-labeled frames of Scandinavian pine
A caring and environmentally friendly framed photo print as a gift

Eco-friendly gift

With us you will find a photo gifts that care both for their recipients and the environment. Many of our frames are FSC certified. The framed photo prints and packaging materials are recyclable and our supplies directly to the mailbox means that we minimize CO2 emissions for both the carrier (Post Office) and your receiver. You contribute to reduced emissions by not having to go to the stores and access points and remember what time and money you save by leaving the car, time that we instead can use to socialize or cultivate an interest.

Environmental policy

Pictureshop PAC AB is actively working to take social and environmental responsibility.

Our photo frames, gift boxes and shipping methods have been chosen with environmental considerations. The business concept is, among other things, to offer a service where customers can avoid own trips to shop and send - saves time and is good for the environment.

Striving to

  • be a business in sustainable balance with nature through efficient use of energy and resources
  • whereever possible use renewable resources and avoid combinations of materials which impede recycling
  • secure that the inputs we use must be of known origin and our suppliers to adapt to the same demands for environmental responsibility that we place on ourselves.
  • inform our suppliers, employees and customers about the benefits of good environmental choice
  • inform and train employees to have good knowledge in environmental and energy matters
  • use working methods that ensure that opportunities for continuous improvement are safeguarded. Employees' ideas and suggestions are encouraged.

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