We use FSC-labeled frames of Scandinavian pine
A caring and environmentally friendly framed photo print as a gift

Frequently asked Qustions (FAQ)

Environmental adaption how?

The company has from the start developed the products for minimal environmental impact.

Our photo frames are made of environmentally-friendly woods from plantations. Either recycled rubber wood from trees that stopped producing latex, and fast-growing bamboo. Backs and hangers are made of recycled materials.

The decorative gift packaging is entirely made of corrugated cardboard, cards and labels made of paper. The raw materials are renewable and both packaging board are easy to recycle.

Cargo handled primarily by one of the largest transporters that actively works to provide resource-efficient and environmentally friendly logistics solutions. The tavlogram service also reduces the customer’s need for trips to shops and post office - time saving and environmentally friendly.

Have frames both hanger and table support??

The photo frames can be hung and placed both landscape and portrait. The back cover can easily be removed if you want to change the photo.

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How do I use my discount code I received via gift certificate or voucher?

The code uses you as a first step when you get to the Payment Step.

How can you be sure that the images that you send actually gets printed as you want them to look like? 

We use a printers that is adapted to the photo paper we use, and we print photos with six colors. In tests with designers and photographers, we have received very positive feedback. Our whiteboard "glass" are also carefully selected to maintain clarity in both color and light transmission.

While there is always a risk that the client reference is how it looks on their screen. Colour reproduction on screens can vary greatly due to preferences, age and manufacturer.

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