We use FSC-labeled frames of Scandinavian pine
A caring and environmentally friendly framed photo print as a gift

Terms and conditions

Simple and secure payment with PayPal and Payson

Payson - Even if you do not have a Payson account earlier, you can quickly make the transaction through Payson. Payson cooperate with VISA, MasterCard, within Europe, as well as any Swedish banks that offer direct payments, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB and Nordea of ​​Sweden and Finland.

Payson is high security and is PCI Certified by Trustwave, which is an international organization for secure e-commerce. All traffic is encrypted by SSL 128 bits, and all card transactions based on banks' so-called 3-D Secure technology.

Payson started in 2004 in Sweden and over a million people have used Payson is a well known payment solution on the internet. Read more about Payson here: www.payson.se

PayPal - have their own PayPal account and enables rapid card payments with MasterCard, VISA and American Express. PayPal complements the store's payment solutions with card payments outside of Europe.

PayPal payments are high security and will automatically be sent at high data encryption. Learn more about PayPal here: www.paypal.com/uk.

Deliveries by mail

All orders are delivered by mail, domestic and international.

Delivery time

We ship the goods latest the working day after you placed the order. We promise that they reach the receiver not later than 1-4 days after ordering for delivery within Sweden. Delivery times to a foreign country can be checked here (ex Europe 2-4 days USA 4-6 days) If you need urgent delivery, please note this in the order form or to contact customer service, so we can hopefully grant the wish.

Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that the products meet high quality standards for imaging and framing and error-free at delivery in Sweden. If the product does not meet the promised quality level Tavlogram.se guarantees exchange for a new product. Please contact customer service so that we can quickly correct any errors. If you are not satisfied with the product or wish to complain about it, you must do so within 14 days after delivery. Replacements are of course completely without cost to you. If the print be returned, we are responsible for return shipping within Sweden. We will send return labels that you affix to the original package.

Tavlogram.se disclaims its warranty obligations on the image production if the original uploaded image file is not being of sufficient quality to be edited. Tavlogram.se disclaims its warranty obligations of correctness if it is proved that the damage is due to an accident after the party received the goods, neglect or abnormal use.

Withdrawal policy

As the product in our case is specially designed for the customer/recipient the product is exempted from withdrawal.

Unclaimed goods

If we receive packages that have not been collected, we reserve the right to charge all costs arising in connection with this return.

False orders

We cooperate with the police and all the false orders or attempts at fraud will be prosecuted. Tavlogram.se will leave all information to the police to assist in the investigation.

Personal data and Anti-Spam Policy

We comply with the Swedish Personal Data Act. It maintains a high level to provide individual protection for how personal information is stored. Under this law, we must ask you to agree that we treat and save the data in our database. By purchasing from Tavlogram.se You confirm this consent.

Personal data and e-mail addresses are stored in our customer database. No unauthorized person has access to such records and personal information and / or email addresses provided are not disclosed to other companies. You can always contact us to access the data, edit or delete them.

We are involved not to send spam, but only send newsletters to those who requested / accepted this.

About cookies

A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit saves on your computer. In some functions, such as in the order form, using Tavlogram.se cookies. Cookies are used for example for ordering feature to work, and to provide us with visitor statistics (such as information about how many visitors we have on hand). Without it, for example, you could not go back in order without having to fill in all the information again each time. Cookies gives us no information about you as a user and it cannot transmit the virus to you. If you do not want any cookies you can choose to reject cookies in your browser, you will find instructions in your browser's help texts (maybe you can end your visit by closing the browser window). Note: To turn off the cookie function, may mean that you do not have access to all sides, or get an error message on certain pages. It is for example not to implement the card purchases.


We do not accept orders from anyone under 18.


Any dispute under these terms shall be governed by Swedish law. Tavlogram.se follow the Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) recommendations.